B&W from Sofia

B&W from Sofia

small gardens and walkways

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5 thoughts on “B&W from Sofia

  1. Hi Kalin good use of negative space in the foreground -thanks. Andy

    1. Hi Andy, I have no idea what this term means, but I guess it’s a good thing :). I just shoot what i feel and I love it. Actually this is one of my first B&W attempts. Thanks.

  2. i love the sort of lo-fi look in this shot. and i believe negative space refers to large amounts of empty space in the frame. and yes, the empty cobblestone sidewalk (?!) in front of the people walking (on top of the frame) works very well as negative space in ur shot. very nice

    1. Thanks, I got it, I now remembered reading about this technique some time ago. It’s exactly that filter from Instagram by the way. I shoot more often with my phone than with my camera, but I think all that matters is that you like what you see in the end.

      1. oh i see. yeah mobile phone cameras do a great job these days.. doesnt matter what is used as long as the result is good! 🙂 cheers

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